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Information page about my dogs and pups

Frequently Asked Questions about my dogs.                              

About some of the things I do with my pups; before they go to their  new homes I give out a copy of this to all the people that buy a pup from me  with the names of the parents and the puppy's date of birth and also how many pups in the litter.

Pups have been vaccinated and micro-chipped. They have also been
wormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age. They will require worming at 12 weeks of age and then every three months. (Only worm puppies with tablets purchased from vet clinics.) De sexing is advised from six months of age, unless you plan on breeding pups in the future.

Pups have been raised on Super Coat puppy dry food, raw bones and chicken necks are good, and they will eat apples and carrots, bananas sometimes only. I cook veggies and pet mince, NO onions at all or spicy foods. Pull the knobs off the ends of your cooked chicken bones and the meat off your bones is good for them.
They love rice, pasta, cooked with mince and broccoli and carrot peelings. Slowly change their diet a little bit at a time as they will get sick in the tummy if you change their food too fast. 
FEEDING   twice   a day, until 6 months   or more.

WHEN FEEDING.   Pat your puppy and get it used to people being near it when it is eating. Take the food off the pup then return it. (Pups that get left to eat alone may become cranky eaters as they age.) Never give dogs cooked bones or sweets.

Playtime,                                                                                                          All puppies will try and bite no matter the breed as they do that in their play time with other puppies in their litter. When you play with your pup don't let it bite you in playtime as this can become a big problem as your dog might try to dominate you or others in your family. If a puppy loves to play bite try to make it understand it's hurting. It's always good to make a loud OW noise as the parents of the pup would growl and make it clear it's not right to do this for fun.

If you can take your pup to "Puppy Pre School" do so. You and your pup will benefit from it. Try and get your dog to learn to come and sit first. So enjoy your puppy. Labradors are loyal, loving dogs they have a good life expectancy and will give you and your family years of pleasure.   Travelling home with your pup from my house  I suggest that no one stops at parks on the way home as there might be parvo virus. Pups are only safe to go out to parks after their 12 week old needle. Stopping on the side of the road would be fine with a leash as it  might run on the road.
Parvo is a virus that can kill your puppy. It's picked up from the ground and also where there is other dog’s poo in the park. I have been told it can be in the ground for years and also can be walked into your homes or kennels.

Transport from my area can be done by a small plane from Merimbula
airport. At the moment its $175 per crate to Sydney and sometimes if two pups are going the same place, I could see if both people would like the pups to go together, two pups in the same crate would be half price for both families and pups like to go together.  I don't like to send my pups overseas at all.



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