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Frequently Asked Questions about my dogs.                          

About some of the things I do with my puppies, before they go to their new homes I give out a copy of this to all the people that buy a pup from me with the names of the parents and the puppy's date of birth and also how many pups in the litter.


Pups have been vaccinated and micro-chipped. They have also been

Wormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age. They will require worming at 12 weeks of age and then every three months. (Only worm puppies with tablets purchased from vet clinics.) De sexing is advised from six months of age, unless you plan on breeding pups in the future.


The following is a guide only - you may need to adjust amounts.

Pups have been raised on Super Coat puppy dry food, raw bones and chicken necks are good, and they will eat apples and carrots, bananas sometimes only. I cook veggies and pet mince, NO onions at all or spicy foods. Pull the knobs off the ends of your cooked chicken bones and the meat off your bones is good for them.

They love rice, pasta, cooked with mince and broccoli and carrot peelings. Slowly change their diet a little bit at a time as they will get sick in the tummy if you change their food too fast.

FEEDING twice a day, until 6 months.

7-12 weeks morning 1 - 1 1/2 cups dry food -add warm water to moisten/soak


5pm give a little raw mince and natural yoghurt.

3 - 6 months morning 1 1/2 cups of dry food add water to moisten.

5pm dry food 1 cup and raw mince or chicken necks.

Always ad less or more if they get fat or to skinny.

6 months on.

1 meal of adult dry food only good brands, start introducing adult food at around 5 months. Some puppies MAY require 2 meals until 8-9 mths. You need to access this yourself. It is important not to overfeed. The idea is not to push growth. Some dog require more than others - so be guided by your dog's condition.

Always ad warm water to dry food. - do not allow children to play with dogs whilst he she is eating. it is a good idea not to stand over the puppy while its eating as this encourages him to bolt his food down. If puppy has diarrhea- do NOT feed it. If diarrhea continues you must seek veterinary assistance. They can get dehydrated very quickly - which is dangerous in young animals.

Adult dogs feeding once a day. If you work give half in the morning and half at night. and a bone before you leave to settle him while his not used to staying home by himself, the bone must be big so he can't get it stuck in the roof of his mouth while you’re not home, some ribs bones can do that.

Exercise is very important

Your puppy has been carefully bred with soundness and genetic problems in mind.

it is important now you as his new owner, feed him correctly and also monitor his exercise during these first 12 months of important growth time.


Please don't let your puppy run up and down stairs, leap of high objects, or tear around.

all puppies get over - excited at times, and that’s the time to calm them down and put them away for quite time in a crate yard ex. young puppies also need a break from young children, don't let them hype the puppy up.

Puppies do not need exercise, they get all there exercise in the yard (and that does not mean chasing the kids or a ball. Puppies grow very fast till there 12 months old.

Puppies are like children do NOT move your car unless you know the puppy is out from behind the car or under it as they can use it for shade. Female come into season between 6 - 15 months old.

DANGER period is from 7th day to 20 days as this is the time the bitch will stand for a dog and will do anything to get out of your yard to be with one. Season lasts for 3 -4 weeks. If miss mate occurs get to your vet quickly.

WHEN FEEDING. Pat your puppy and get it used to people being near it when it is eating. Take the food off the pup then return it. (Pups that get left to eat alone may become cranky eaters as they age.) Never give dogs cooked bones or sweets.


All puppies will try and bite no matter the breed as they do that in their play time with other puppies in their litter. When you play with your pup don't let it bite you in playtime as this can become a big problem as your dog might try to dominate you or others in your family. If a puppy loves to play bite’s try to make it understand it's hurting. It's always good to make a loud OW noise as the parents of the pup would growl and make it clear it's not right to do this for fun.


If you can take your pup to "Puppy Pre School" do so. You and your pup will benefit from it. Try and get your dog to learn to come and sit first. So enjoy your puppy. Labradors are loyal, loving dogs they have a good life expectancy and will give you and your family years of pleasure.   Travelling home with your pup from my house I suggest that no one stops at parks on the way home as there might be parvo virus. Pups are only safe to go out to parks after their 12 week old needle. Stopping on the side of the road would be fine with a leash as it might run on the road.

Parvo is a virus that can kill your puppy. It's picked up from the ground and also where there is other dog’s poo in the park. I have been told it can be in the ground for years and also can be walked into your homes or kennels.

Flea and tick control

Comfortis is the best the fleas it’s a tablet you can buy it on line or at your vet.

Advantage is best for bitches with puppies from new born.

Front line is best for ticks but I've found it’s not very good for fleas.

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